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Hackers still at it

Aloha DUC Friends

Just a quick note to keep you informed. Hackers have always been busy trying to gain access to our site. Recently, I have a large uptick in attempts, not just through making fake accounts, but now it seems they are requesting Lost Passwords for accounts, hoping to somehow gain access through that. The Administrator account has had 14 requests just today. I know, because I get the email saying “you have requested password recovery. Click this link to change your password.” That is a legitimate email our site sends if you use the forgot password recovery system. The difference is that someone else is requesting it for you.

So, if you get one of these email but you did not request it, you should just ignore it. I am keeping my eye on the situation and will do what I can to reduce these kinds of shenanigans,

Why do people want to attack us? Is a question I frequently get. The simple answer is “because they can.” The longer answer is: No actual person is actually directly attacking us. These hackers make software that spiders through the internet testing vulnerabilities in websites. The software tries known tricks on computers, websites, phones, etc. That is why it is extremely important to keep all your electronics up to date. I apply updates to this site as soon as they are available. So far, so good.


Mahalo Nui Loa