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Welcome to the DUC

We are the Denver Uke Community, a vibrant collective of ukulele enthusiasts in the Denver area. As the community leader, Doug Brown orchestrates monthly gatherings at Swallow Hill Music Association, bringing together ukulele aficionados of all skill levels. Whether you're a beginner navigating the chords for the first time or a seasoned player who can make the ukulele truly sing, the DUC welcomes everyone.

The monthly meetups, scheduled at 10:30 am on the third Saturday of each month, serve as a melting pot of musical diversity. From the sweet melodies of Hawaiian tunes, down-home feel of a country tune, to the occasional punk rock anthem the Denver Uke Community embraces a wide range of musical genres. Yet, it's not just about following a set playlist; it's about the collective spirit of sharing. Members are encouraged to bring their own tunes, creating an atmosphere of creativity and collaboration.

The DUC embodies the belief that music is a universal language that brings people together. Whether you're strumming your first chords or showcasing your mastery of the ukulele, the Denver Uke Community eagerly awaits your presence at the next gathering. Join the musical camaraderie, make new friends, and let the ukulele chords resonate with the joy of shared music-making. We look forward to seeing you this month – let's create harmonious memories together!

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Come join us for a laid back pick at Cherry Creek State Park this Saturday night. Arapahoe Campground group site. We will be playing all day Saturday and into the evening.