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How-To: Submit songs and retrieve songbooks

Submitting songs for the monthly meetings is now much simpler than it has been in the past.

To submit a song:

  1. Go to the Forums (from the menu on the left) and choose Monthly Song Uploads.
  2. Once inside Monthly Song Uploads, click the link "Add New Forum Topic." A window will open with several fields.
  3. "Subject." Give your topic a subject, the name of the song would be a good subject.
  4. Next, is the "Body." If you want to add a little info about the song, this is the place, though it is not necessary.
  5. Next, a field called "Upload File." Use the Choose File button to select the file from your computer.
  6. Once the file is chosen, press the Upload button and you should see a little tiny blue spinner where the button was as it uploads the file. When it finishes you should see the PDF icon and the name of the file where the Upload File used to be.
  7. Last, underneath that, is the Save button. Press it, and your song is posted.

Downloading a songbook:

  1. Go to the Forums (from the menu on the left) and choose Monthly Songbooks.
  2. Find the month and year you are looking for in the list. If it is the most current book for the upcoming meeting, it is probably at the top of the list. Click it.
  3. When viewing the post about the songbook, you should see a Linkk to the file. Click it.
    1. Open the PDF for viewing in your web browser where you can print or save it.
    2. Or, it will download it to your Downloads folder.

Figuring out where/how your computer and web browser opens/saves things is between you and your web browser.

I am trying to download the latest version of the 2 and 3 chord songbook because the version I have is really old.  I looked in the Misc Forum, but the latest there is from 2015 - 2016.  I heard a rumor that a new one was being posted.  So where may I find the latest versions?  Thank you.